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1. the Bible has become a life compass, a long-seller, and a best-selling book

  To know about.

  ⇒MyBible MyBible: Jewel Box of the Word, Practical Edition, MyBible III.

2. how to put the Word of God into practice

  ➾ MyBible The Jewel Box of the Word Practice.

3. how to know the daily life of believers (Christians)

  Testimony of ➾MyBible IV, V, and VI.

   Includes testimonies from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox congregations, as well as Buddhists.

   Management’s Testimony V Takuya Shimamura, President and CEO, AGC Inc.

4. on how to be in mind, word, action, and prayer, following the example of Jesus

  ➾MyBible III

5. what is a prayer that is heard?

  ➾MyBible Practical Prayer, MyBIble III Prayer, MyBible IV Mother’s Prayer, and

6. about human death and the afterlife

  ➾MyBible III: Death of a Person, MyBible VI: Everyday Life, MyBible IV: The Afterlife.

   MyBible Practice Revelation

7. a collection of biblical sayings

  ➾MyBibleⅦ Proverbs, Book of Wisdom, Book of Shira

8. to know the existence of God

  Know God through the body of ➾MyBible V. Scientists who had met God.

9. how to know the Mass (Adoration)

  ➾MyBible V Invitation to Mass

10. sutra copying

  ➾MyBible Appendix: The Word Book

11, Schematic of Christianity

  ➾MyBible Appendix Christian Schematic

12. how to know your catholicism

  ➾MyBible IV

  From the Saints of the Church, Meditations on Spirituality, Praying the Rosary, and

  Another Marian piety, the Scapulario of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

13. monasteries and saints

  ➾MyBible IV

Franciscan (St. Francis),.

   Jesuits (St. Ignatius de Loyola)

   Missionary Sisters of St. Dominic (St. Dominic)

  MyBible V

 Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of the Lighthouse, Congregation of the Divine Word,.

   Nagasaki Redemptorist Congregation

  ➾MyBible VI

Missionary Sisters of Peris Merses, Sisters of St. Mary

■Summary of all 7 volumes of the MyBible series You can download this PDF by clicking on the file name.